Online Training of Fine Art Photography in English

You´ll have two days of mentoring, full of information!

It took me 4 years to develop my photography and understand all the mistakes I was making.

I´m going to clear everything up to you, so you don´t have to make the same mistakes I did!

This workshop is for all levels but I recommend you understand at least the basics of photography and know how to use your manual camera.
If you have some basic knowledge of Photoshop, that helps too! If you don´t, just watch some tutorials on YouTube to understand the basic tools, so you won´t feel lost.

The online training will be recorded via Skype, you´ll have 30 days to watch it multiple times.



U$ 300 

You can pay by Paypal to

Dates: we just have to set a date where both of us are available. If you have any questions, click here.

Day 1 - Composition

1) How to choose locations based on "elements", depth, frame filling.

2) How to achieve the blurriest backgrounds and have sharp photos

3) How to work with natural light (rainy days, shadows, sunset...)

4) How to conduct sessions with children for natural results (distraction and connection techniques)

5) Ideal clothes and accessories

6) Conducting children with animals 

7) Marketing: how to find clients and sell to them (risk inversion technique)

4 hours

Day 2 - Photoshop Editing

1) Camera Raw Filter: sharpening, noise reduction, vignette, colors, etc.

2) How to work on skin for babies and adults

3) Using exposure to enhance light and shadow on skin, clothes and fur

4) Adding artificial light 

5) How to remove leashes and other undesirable objects

6) I`ll show you my workflow (basic to more complex editing)

4 hours

I use Photoshop to edit my photos but you have the same tools in Lightroom

Check some before and after




U$ 300 

You can pay by Paypal to

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