How to look beautiful in your maternity session

6 tips that will boost your confidence

Pregnancy is a long-awaited moment for the family. Some future mothers decide not to register this moment because they do not feel beautiful.


I'll be very clear with you. When I refer to beauty, I do not mean aesthetics but how you feel. For some, getting bigger is a problem, for others is their hair, their skin or just because they don´t feel photogenic.


Have you ever asked your mother if she did a session when she was pregnant with you?


Imagine if you could have memories of your mother's pregnancy in a very natural way? I wanted very much to have this record, but unfortunately at the time, my mother did not like to see herself in the photos and with her weight gain, she felt worse than ever. Her self-esteem was not at her peak, so for her, it was logical not to remember that moment.


Nowadays, some pregnant women prefer to exchange a professional session for cell phone photos. It is still a memory, but it certainly does not convey the emotion that a professional could bring through specific techniques.


If you would like to have a session of this special moment, but are not confident that the result will be good, I would like to help you, clarifying that if you wear the right clothes, combine posture (and why not,  my editing), you will feel a diva without losing personality!

Tip #1 - Don´t do the tired pose

Do not stand flat footed with your arms down. When you are tired, worn out and not even heavily pregnant there may well be the tendency to slouch. Most people when standing flat footed are not very likely to look their best especially when pregnant. Shoulders drop, the bottom looks larger and you are likely to look at your worst! 

If you´re going to keep your feet flat, it´s important to change the position of your arms and head. Move your head upwords to show confidence. That also helps avoiding to show double chin.

Tip #2 - Look slimmer by doing this

By pointing your foot and move your leg towards the camera you will immediately change how your form looks. The outstretched leg makes it appear longer and slimmer. It will also pull your hips to one side creating a lovely shape in your body. Ensure that your arms and shoulders do not look stiff and that if you can create gaps between the arm and body, you will introduce further shapes into your image and your body.

Tip #3 - Do the "zen" look

Being pretty is not only about looks. It´s rather confidence. The way you feel inside reflects the outside, so it´s important to show that confidence during the session.

I know it´s not how you really feel, but believe me, most mothers I photograph don´t feel well on their skin during the session and the "zen look" helps A LOT to make that confidence show up.


You just have to close your eyes, lift your head a little and give (if you wish) a little smile.

Tip #4 - You don´t have to show your arms

A lot of women complain about how they arms look big and even more in photos. That does not mean you cannot have a maternity session. Just avoid showing your arms by wearing a long sleeve blouse. If you have big arms and you don´t care about it, then show them off! A good maternity shoot is about you feeling well and enjoying the results, not what other people will think!


Tip #5 - You don´t have to show your belly

This one is similar to the above. You can wear a beautiful dress, look and feel gorgeous and still show your pregnancy even without showing off your skin. If you put a large dress, you better put one of your hands on the top of your belly. This way, it will be more evident.


Tip #6 - You don´t have to look at the camera or smile!

So many women feel embarassed when they are asked to smile even if they don´t feel like it. Looking at the camera is also something that mothers struggle with in maternity shoots. I totally understand you! We are not used to cameras pointing at us, so that feeling is totally normal. And because I love natural looking portraits, I ask mothers 99% of time, TO NOT look at the camera. Simply because that will give her confidence and a natural result. Just to make sure she´s okay with it, I ask if she would like to have a portrait of her looking at me and smiling. They mostly say "no, it´s okay".


Maybe you are thinking that I only photograph super confident women and that my examples are not real.

Believe me, I never photographed a pregnant woman who didn´t have lack of confidence. I hear from "I´m losing my hair, it looks awful!", "I´m not photogenic. It won´t work!", "I look fat!" to "I hate my nose!" and after they see their photos they are like "you did a miracle!", "love it!"

And why? Because there are so many tricks to show your better version and still be yourself, that I´m telling you: do not allow your lack of confidence stop you from registering your special moment in a special way!

And because I´m always looking for models to renew my portfolio, I want to prove you that you will look beautiful in a maternity session, I am giving you free the best fine art portrait of a session with me. Actually, I´m not selling you anything. We just have to book a session and in the end we´ll choose together the most beautiful portrait that you´ll receive for free. That one I will use as my portfolio to show to my future clients. And that´s it.

To book a free session, you just have to fill the form below. Consider dates from April 9th to 18th in Leiden, Rotterdam and Utrecht area. By the way, your belly does NOT have to be big. 5 months pregnant is enough, believe me!